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Chicken Pizza

13 Feb

Pizza with garlic chicken, brussel sprouts and caramelized red onion.


Peanut Butter Cookies

13 Feb

Brown Butter Peanut Butter cookies with Chocolate Drizzle

I followed a regular peanut butter cookie recipe but i browned the butter first.  It made the dough very sticky but still delicious!  I smooshed the cookies down with a spoon so they were flat and drizzed melted milk chocolate over the top.  yum!

Salmon Alfredo

13 Feb


Pan seared salmon over garlic alfredo pasta.

For the sauce i melt about 1/2 a stick of butter in  non stick pan and then add about a tablespoon of  flour and let cook for about a minute. Then I add some dairy, milk, cream, half and half, skim, what ever’s in the fridge and whisk together.   Then i add a lot of garlic and shredded fresh parm.   Easy yum yum. Jarred alfredo is disgusting.  make your own.

Zucchini Slices

5 Feb


Baked sliced Zucchini brushed with herbed oil  then broiled with parmesan cheese

#BrideDiet- i used a TINY bit of oil   and fresh, grated parmesan cheese.   Yum!

Spicy Shrimp over Veggies

5 Feb

Bang Bang Shrimp-  broiled shrimp topped with a spicy mayo sauce, over teriyaki veggies and tofu ‘noodles”

#BrideDiet – I used lite mayo for the topping and low sodium teriyaki sauce. The rest is just veggies tofu and shrimp. yum!

Superbowl Cookies

5 Feb

Sugar cookies topped with chocolate and vanilla icing

Turkey Taco Soup

4 Feb

Taco soup with ground turkey, tomatoes, onions, peppers, jalepenos, avocado and cheddar

We love taco soup. we love taco soup!

First sautee some yellow and red onions, bell peppers and jalepenos in a little butter in a big soup pan.  Then addground turkey and taco seasoning until the meat is browned.  Next, add a can of rotel tomatoes  (and corn and or beans if you like it)  and stir around to mix up the taco seasoning flavors.  cover all the goodness with chicken broth and let simmer as long as you want (at least 15 minutes).  Top with avocado, mexican cheeses,  tortialla strips, fresh cilantro or other mexican goodness.

yum yum taco soup!

White Cake with Berry Filling

4 Feb

White Layer cake with berry filling and vanilla icing

Bake the white cake as directed on the box.   In a sauce pan combine frozen veggies, water and sugar and allow to boil, then simmer until it reduces.  Add corn starch a little at a time to thicken the jammy sauce.   For the frosting, I melted some vanilla frosting in the microwave and poured on top!  Yum and easy!