Pizza Night!

23 Apr


When we make pizza at home we use a bag of dry pizza dough mix.   It’s so good.  I use two bags per cookie sheet sized pizza.  I make the dough and let it sit for a few minutes while we mis en place the rest of the ingredients.  Then we spread the dough on a floured cookie  sheet using a lot of flour to keep it from sticking to everything.  Bake it at 400  for about 15-20 minutes. Then take it off the cookie sheets and put it right on the rack to get crunchy!   We baked our dough for about 10-12 more minutes  and then took it out and brushed it with olive oil that we had heated up with lots of minced garlic and seasoning. This was in loo of any sauce.   Then (here’s the secret) we cover the whole pizza with sliced deli munster cheese. YUM   Top with toppings and shredded italian mix cheese and top it off with some drizzled olive oil.

We made two pizza  both were white, one with fresh tomatoes and basil and the other with sauteed brussel sprouts and shallots.


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