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Ravioli with Two sauces

24 Apr

Home made Raviolis stuffed with ricotta and basil   and mushrooms with mozzarella and paremesan cheeses.

The red sauces is bolognese with ground turkey and the while is garlic alfredo.


Turkey Taco Soup

4 Feb

Taco soup with ground turkey, tomatoes, onions, peppers, jalepenos, avocado and cheddar

We love taco soup. we love taco soup!

First sautee some yellow and red onions, bell peppers and jalepenos in a little butter in a big soup pan.  Then addground turkey and taco seasoning until the meat is browned.  Next, add a can of rotel tomatoes  (and corn and or beans if you like it)  and stir around to mix up the taco seasoning flavors.  cover all the goodness with chicken broth and let simmer as long as you want (at least 15 minutes).  Top with avocado, mexican cheeses,  tortialla strips, fresh cilantro or other mexican goodness.

yum yum taco soup!

Turkey Zucchini Lasagna

13 Jan

2Lasagna made with sliced zucchini, turkey meat sauce, sauteed mushrooms and cheeses!

#BrideDiet-  the sauce is made from ground turkey, beef bouillon, red wine, fresh tomatoes, tomato paste and seasoning- nothing bad there!  The mushrooms are sauteed with a little butter substitute and seasoning.  I only did one layer of riccotta cheese- with part skim and low fat parm.  The top layer is the only negative-  low fat mozzarella cheese and fresh parm.